Monday, November 8, 2010

Cosplay Now Playing in Ph.

Here was my cosplay enthusiast daughter when we dropped her to watch a cosplay event at SMX Convention Center,  (MOA) last Oct. 3, 2010.

And here was the crowd in the same venue when we dropped daughters to watch another cosplay event last Saturday (Nov.6,2010).Whoooah!!! I was amazed by the volume x nth times compared the latest to the prev one!

Included to the outside audiences were my girls and mass number of cosplayers who hadn't make it inside the SMX venue.

 Before I go on sharing to you the rest of the album, let me attempt to share you some bits about cosplay from the  inadequate knowledge of  this mid-aged mom.
Although, I heard my two girls once in  awhile in topic about cosplay, they never joined any _yet.The first time I asked about the term cosplay to my daughters was when I attended the Asia Pacific Blogger Awards Night in Singapore last year. It was because with me were the two famous Gosiengfiao cosplayer sisters. Photo above is Alodia Gosiengfiao who is big in cosplay both local and  international.
So daughters said cosplay is a derivative term from costume and play. Mostly anime characters are being played but not limited to. Okey, that's all I could say about cosplay, the rest I just picked up from the actual players I saw in the similar event my daughters enjoyed to attend but so far just part of the audience with plans of joining soon as players when their school scheds come loose.

The ones taken inside SMX were from my daughters' album of October event and those outside the building were taken last Nov. 6, 2010.
Daughter said, there were no bigger things happening inside the venue except for the ramp modeling, awarding and the commercial booths. Cosplayers did the same things inside and outside the venue building _ posed in characters for the camera.

I must say our present generation has gone a long way from the United Nations school celebration  and occasional masquerade parties of my era's only venue to sport a costume. Why not, have been some decades ago.hahaha!!!

No longer shy and conservative, Filipino youngsters now are more creative and adept to portray any characters.

Daughter Marla's virtual friend, for the longest time and finally met in person _ Ricky.

Out of their comfort zones, these kids are expressing their art in the most animated way. luveth!!!

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