Friday, November 5, 2010


I never missed to drop by to the souvenir shops of island resorts. More often than not, just window shopping without buying. It's pricey to buy from these exclusive shops. I only buy when I'm sure I won't find a certain item I like outside. And only, if I could afford it.

Simply tagged as Butik (boutique), I found it in Malipano Island, Samal Islands.

T-shitrs,t-shirts and more t-shirts! Whatelse? 

locally woven clothe covered canisters

native cooking utensils, made of coconut shells

jewelry boxes made of mother of pearl

intricately designed home decor linens, throw pillows, etc.

designer's woven clothes/linens

designer's dolls wearing ethnic dresses by  Alfonso

What did I buy? Nada! The lust was there, but not so much. There wasn't anything there that I wanted so much to break my budget.  hhahaha!

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