Monday, November 22, 2010

6 Minutes = The Mansion and The Botanical Garden

We stopped at The Mansion for 3 minutes. You know just to check if there was something new.

But apart from this Christmas scene manger - ( I think it was beautiful, I don't know if the maker of this manger had intentionally placed it at this exact location, where the sun threw its early morning light to baby Jesus. It was like replicating the Chrismas story, only it happened at night and the light supposedly came from the brightest star as the source .),  we saw nothing but the old white grandiose mansion. Still closed to the public.

Secretly, I always hope that The Mansion would be open to the public, the way the Malacanang Palace in Manila is. I'm bored with photos forever taken at the facade of this presidential vacation house.


We then proceeded to Botanical Garden for another rushing 3 minutes. It was our first time to get down here. When passing by, we usually saw people at the entrance of this garden taking photos with authentic Igorots wearing their authentic clothes. That morning was no exemption, local tourists still flocked at the gate doing the same.

Yes the garden was beautiful the way most of the gardens are in Baguio. I wonder whatelse could we see here aside from the obvious pretty flowers and greens.

Remember we were here for 3 minutes so we could only afford to enjoy those visible by sight without much commitment to motion.

We saw this but failed to grasp the significance of the structure. I'm sure, it has to do with war history. Must be an important one to deserve a center stage location in Botanical Garden.

There were Igorot huts replicas but we didn't have time to check them out. Maybe next time.

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