Sunday, April 29, 2012

Three for P100

The randomness of our recent weekend trip, packed only with the barest essentials, made us bought 3 for P100 (less than P35 each) rubber slippers from the wet market of the town we landed. Right away we doubted their strength. haha.

Shame on branded trekker pairs! cos those cheap pairs stood by us sans a single tear all throughout the edgy trail we took to reach. .

. . the summit of Pinagbanderahan Peak. No way easy at 2000 ft. above sea level, the cheap pairs of slippers definitely raised the bar of conquering the challenge of getting up there both unharmed. Us and the slippers:))

Next. Cueba Santa
on the way to Pinagbanderahan Peak
aww, my ligaments are pure sore right now :(
See ya.

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  1. Astig ang summit without the help of rubber/hiking shoes..