Monday, November 22, 2010

Kids at Mines View Park

I couldn't remember a time we didn't drop by to Mines View when got to visit Baguio. I guess most of us do. It's another of those parks you frequent, you're not actually expecting to see something new, you just want to breathe its familiar air. Then you feel good and then you go.

Well, as I expected, nothing was new in my recent visit. I didn't even bother to go down to the view deck the way I usually did in the past visits.

I wish I could share the enthusiasm of these girls ( younger daughter & her
cuzin' ) whose number of visits here is still less than 10. They were as excited as their first time to go down and play with vernaculars which I think they rented for minimal fee.
So I followed them and watched how they made their nth time visit to old Mines View Park with giggles and laughters bubbling with fun. 

For only P10 each_ they rented the Igorot clothes and had fun role playing as ones.

Hey, we (the elders) thought we'd do the same. corny? But real fun to do it with the whole group. We all had a good laugh of each other.

I had already guessed that the girls couldn't pass with a photo ops with the St. Bernard who seemed to be borne as a model dog. It's amazing how this dog has been  trained to pose infront of the camera with strangers. That was also for a crazy P10 fun.

Ofcourse our more matured ladies joined the fun.

Energy going down? haha.

. . so we sat too, what would be next? ( remember the kids led, the elders followed on our pursuit to enjoy this nth time visit to this old beautiful park as enthusiastic as the kids were ). . . only to listen to the kids whining that they were already hungry.

Time to hit the street foods _ corn on sticks-steamed and grilled, grilled squids, banana cue and ofcourse the

famous strawberry taho see here. We actually didn't like the taho in Mines View. The strawberries were too much crushed, almost no texture at all. We had better cups infront of  The mansion.

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