Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Cloudy or Foggy?

Zero visibility. Inside the car, the kids were having a lil' argument regarding the white smoke that seemed to envelope the mountains and the roads. One girl said : it's fog, it's so cold so there's thick fog. From which the other girl stressed : No! It's not only fog, we were too high above, it's some kind of cloud.The first layer.

And where do you think we were at that point? _ Great Wall of China??? hahaha! feeling. . . :))). .I wish. I was inside the car, window closed and taking photos while the vehicle was moving through the foggy/cloudy zigzag road of Marcos Highway, on our way out from Baguio City. Husband doubted the success of my photo ops. He advised me to roll down the window so the lens would have an easier time. I did but closed it back right away. It was windy and cold and very noisy. I continued with my blind clicking.

Hubby is right beside me now. He's looking at my pictures and well he's a tad surprise about the end result. Not bad eh! A lil' darker but they came out ok, right? Look at the water cascading from the hidden upper parts of the giant mountains.

I lke this one. Green still visible inspite of the cloudiness.

Many of my friends had asked me the location of these 2 photos when I posted them in my private fb account. They said they wanted to visit it too when they go up to Baguio.

It was actually at Marcos Highway. The bar is called Biker's Den. We didn't know it was a bar. We thought it was a restaurant cos we were hungry and wanted to eat. It was the only food establishment we saw on the road. We went down without reading. When inside, only then we realized that it was a bar and would not be open until later at night. No food!!! We look around and saw their beautiful hanging den with the sky surrounding us. I also saw lots of Harley Davidson motorcycles inside the place. I wanted to take photos of them but hubby hurried us to go.

On the lower part of Marcos Highway, the road started to clear up. I like this road better than Kennon Road.

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