Monday, November 29, 2010


... I know I promised to post my recent beach trip but I got  side-tracked by a scenic road side view. Look how the soft clouds moved to outline the soft blue mountain.

I'm not sure what mountain was this. could be Mt. Banahaw. I took it from the diversion road of Tiaong Quezon on our way back to Manila from Pagbilao. Or could be Mt. Makiling?, cos it was near to Laguna area. Or none of the above :)) I wish I had captured the perfect beauty of the scene but looking to my photos, I know I fell short. We didn't have time to stop so I took them while the car was moving. Promise_ it was a real beauty. The softy cottoness of the clouds kissing the almost mirage-y mountain  melted my heart.

And then another scene stole my attention . . .

The sweet couple!!! The carabao (water buffalo) and the bird ( seagull? crane?) on his back!! Were they just friends or lovers?:))) The huge animal was seemingly not affected by the little bird standing on his back while he was busy roaming around the grass field and taking his breakfast.

The scene was so familiar. I thought I had seen it from the past. You know I hailed from a small town of the same province ( Quezon) and I was grasping from my memory lane, from which I had I seen the exact scene?. But then when I was young, my frequent playground was more in the sea/beach  than in the farm, which meant I rarely saw farm sceneries . And then it hit me, I saw the exact scene from one of the books / of thousands stories I had read. I'm glad I saw it in real life.
Life is fresh and beautiful.

ps : now that I'm warmed-up_ promise >>> Pueblo por la Playa is coming real next !!!!!

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