Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The Luminous Cross of Grace Sanctuary

It was past noon when we passed by the town of Agdangan Quezon. The Luminous Cross of Grace Sanctuary was very visible from all corners of the humble town of Agdangan.

The Sanctuary itself led us to its location. It was our first time to pass by Agdangan on our way to Manila, but we did not have to ask the locals about its location because of its visibility by the road.

When we got in the church, the Sanctuary was a lot overwhelming. It was high noon and the sun was beaming towards the luminous paint of the building.

What was then deemed impossible to build in this poor coastal town of Agdangan in the Bondoc Peninsula, a monstrance-shaped, 37-meter-high sanctuary, called the Luminous Cross of Grace, rises after three years of hope, prayers and thanksgiving for donors and service contributors.
Constructed beside the St. Isidore Parish Church, the prayer tower juts into the sky, a testament to the perseverance and faith of a handful of volunteers who believe they were called on this mission by God.
For the past three years, P20 million has come in the form of donations, from the sale of rosaries, rosary bracelets, Marian portraits, Christmas decors, religious icons and medals. Text brigades, mailed solicitations, Internet-based promotions, even overseas visits have been employed by volunteers to continue work on the prayer tower."_ (from Luminous Cross of Grace website)visit luminouscrossofgrace.com for facts about the sanctuary.

Upon our unplanned visit,two weeks ago, the construction has not fully finished. Because, this was really unplanned and was just led by the last minute suggestion of my friend Raisa to drop by while we were on the way anyway, we were a bit disappointed not to be able to make it inside the cross.

Outside of the fence of the sanctuary posted some rules for the visitors which we were not prepared for. Indicated were  house dress rules. We were wearing shorts and tees which are our usual comfy get up when we travel. Another thing was, the door was already closed as the tour was already in session then. We were like 30 minutes late of the scheduled guided tour.

Nevertheless, we made it to visit its church_ St. Isidore Parish Church. We particularly prayed for my girls' cousin Bianx who was in the hospital then and we just found it through text that very minute. We believe that prayers are always granted upon your first time visit to a certain church.

We looked around the church and found out that this project was supported by the late Pres. Corazon Aquino. There was a framed letter of donation dated March 10, 2008.

 Another framed letter of donation from her daughter Balsy who seemed to be there on the same date Tita Cory visited the place.

When I was taking photos of the Sanctuary outside, my girls reminded me of the posted rules preventing visitors to take photos. I said to my daughters that must be applicable inside the Sanctuary and anyway posting photos of the Luminous Cross of Grace Santuary here in my small blog corner would be our humble contribution.

Prayers for the victims of Ondoy.
God Bless..

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