Monday, May 17, 2010

Pahiyas 2010

May 15,2010. Lucky us, at 6 am, a friend who was caught in a bad traffic somewhere in Sto Tomas, Batangas going to the same destination, had called to warn me not to pass the same way they did. We decided to pass through Laguna route going to Lucban Quezon. I also had to cancel our accommodation in Lucena City and made one somewhere in Laguna.

We arrived at the Pahiyas Town just right on time. The streets were not yet that jampacked as they were about to in just a matter of hour.

We took advantage of the early morning still young and fresh, also referring to the pots of pansit habhab. It was my cousin Che's first time here and she was excited to experience the famous delicacy of this town. See more of this in my food blog, click this- Pansit Habhab

w the patron saint of the feast -San Isidro Labrador

most houses were open for photo shoots

Going inside, up, down, out, infront of the open , beautifully decorated houses was still breezy.. . but not for long.

Suddenly the streets became so crowded, as expected, taking photos was not possibe without tourists passing/blocking infront of your lens. That made it challenge your creativity and put your patience to the test. The more the merrier ! Fiesta !!!

Apart from the beautiful display of their houses, many local residents took advantage of the festival and ventured into commerce.

t-shirts for sale

fried kiping

home made longanisang lucban



T-shits, pansit habhab, juice, kiping, longanisa, lambanog , were only few to mention the huge variety of products being sold infront of the windows of the houses aside from the streets loaded with vendors.

But there were also some who wanted to share for a little voluntary donations

tattoo , face painting

Vibrant colors of goodies for sale on the streets, complimented the fiesta hues of the houses

Beautiful hats . . which my pennyless wallet couldn't afford !

I opted for this P35 hat to protect me from scorching heat of the sun.

Buffalos' bottoms and head popping out, preparing for the parade in the later part of the day.

Once in a while we would rest at the side of the streets along others who also got tired of walking around the town. Then off to go and enjoy the infinite colors of the festival.

Participants of the parade were already on display at the center of the town. Marching bands were being seen around, escorting sagalas for the Santa Crusan as well.

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So much more to come. At night, the town was lit up more beautifully. Come back later for the next post , or you can visit it now >>> Pahiyas at Night.


  1. Namamasyal lang at napadaan dito sa napakagandang blog. Thank you so much for sharing the photos... ang tagal ko nang hindi nakikita ang pahiyas.

  2. hello Beth,thanks for dropping by. sana pumasyal ka ulet dito :D