Monday, May 23, 2011

Oh My Gulay : more than a vegetarian cafe

In the midst of hustle and bustle of  Session Road in Baguio City, surprisingly afloat is an artsy vegetarian food venue. Oh My Gulay is located at the uppermost level of La Azotea Bldg ( the green building in the photo above).  

Precaution :  take a pair of brave and strong legs with you. .

. . cos you would be needing them to take flight of stairs going up to the roof top where the resto is located. Yes, no elevator or escalator ride. It is a vintage building.

Reaching the top most floor of the building, I was taken surprise by a different world seemed suddenly appeared infront of me.

Oh My. . Gulay!!!!! was first and foremost an art gallery to me before a restaurant.

Lost in the interior  that was more than eclectic even interestingly crazy, we were all over the place, bubbling with delights of the sights of the art creations in the house.

Even the outside view was great.

Dining tables were set in different corners. We liked all the settings and took us awhile  to choose, haha.

Here?? nah!! look how thick the fog is. . brrrrr. sooo damn cold!!!!

I was seriously taken aback by the sudden dropped of temperature. When we entered the building the weather was sunny summer, fair enough to roam around Baguio in shorts and sleeveless tops. But up there, it was another world. Actually, when we hit back the roads of Baguio, after 1.5 hours upstairs, it was already cold. I had to buy leggings from a street vendor to survive the rest of the day.

How about here??? no!

We finally settled on this corner. .

. . and enjoyed our veggie dishes here, visit My 3rd & 7th Sense for the foods.
I know this is a restaurant and very much belonging in my food blog. But having seen the place, would you agree with me on posting Oh My Gulay here? It's a destination on its own right, right?

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