Sunday, April 15, 2012

S'pore Cable Car

In S'pore, there's the cruise ship, and always captured up above it would be the lanterns like cable cars. Sg cable car is a costly ride to get to Sentosa. It would cost you around Sg$24 for a one way ride. In my past Sg visits, we usually brought a car, took a cab or rode the train to get to Sentosa, all cost so much lesser than the cable car ride.

Daughter wanted a ride. It would also be my first cable car ride here at Sg.We headed to Harbour Front Tower 2 and took the lift up to the 15th floor.

*a touristy shot before we enter the car:)))

 #now we get-in:)))) A friend commented upon seeing my recent Sg visit photos that we should have had tried the Singapore Flyer instead. I actually had done that during my earlier visit of Sg. Take a glimpse of it here.

On board, we were greeted with the sun about to set, up above the Lion City.

Down below, these cable cars look like some lanterns hanging on the sky. Seeing them on the same level viewing perspective_ now they look like pretty jewel boxes dancing infront of me.

After so many beautiful photos of us:))) and bird's eye view city shots of Sg, we alighted at some part of Sentosa (I forgot where, must be at Imbiah Lookout??) to take our dinner ( now at my food blog ) and watch some attractions at Sentosa.

Calling it a day, on our way to our temporary home, we decided to take the cable car again. This time we wanted to enjoy the night views of the city.

Although our tired cameras (the blame is on us, actually, haha) produced disappointing night photos, we actually enjoy the night bird's eye view scenes on board the cable car.


  1. Nice trip at dg. Wanna go abroad too, just an exp. The view from the cable car are all nice too.

  2. hi mitch. go overseas. there are so much to see out there. but don't forget our country got the best of nature gifts we've got to enjoy first. happy summer!