Monday, September 21, 2009

Extreme Adventure Park, Subic

While we are still in the month of September which I dubbed as Ascertain's daring month (see Sept. archives), let's take advantage of the Bliss' pulsating heart and escalate to the extreme.

Here's your menu for this trip. Nothing's really complicated, all you need is a brave heart and and a strong vocal cords. You see, shouting is very much allowed here, if that's part of your basic survival tool while undergoing extreme adventure stunts.

Military training facilities await you here. You could choose one or try everything.

The Wall- certainly not just another wall. It's extremely high especially for a first timer like me. I haven't tried any wall climbing, not even the one in SM.

THE LOW “V” AND HIGH “V”- you need a partner here to work with to reach the widest end of the “V” without falling off the high-suspension cables. The High “V” is exactly the same as the low “V” but the structure is raised to a minimum height of 35 feet above the ground.

THE HIGHWAY- this too is a game for two as partners, using the same rigging and construction as the High “V”. The objective is for each trusting buddy-pair to hold onto each end of a multilane rope that is hanging downward. While doing so, the team must traverse to the wider end of the foot cable at a height of 35 feet.

THE TRUST FALL- this a test of trust, an individual stands and falls-back from the platform into the waiting arms of his/her teammates.

THE POLE JUMP- A single swaying telephone pole awaits you with small horizontal hand and foot holds by the sides and a circular moving disk at the top.

MULTILINE TRAVERSE-two vertically parallel cables raised to a minimum height of 35 feet above the ground. The top cable is fixed with hanging multilane ropes whose distance gets farther apart as you move towards the final point. The bottom cable is used as a traverse point.

SLIDE FOR LIFE (CANOPY SLIDE)-the highlight of the adventure, this one is what we commonly known as the zip line. Only here is quite extreme compare to Tagaytay and Bicol.

Here you climb a stairway to the top of a large tree.

You secure your harness; your assistant connects you to a cable system in preparation to transverse a distance of over 100 meters of dense tropical jungle 20 meters below.

You must surrender your fear on this test of courage as gravity will propel you extremely fast alongside large trees and foliage. If you ever wondered what it was like to be Indiana Jones, this is the challenge for you.

THE HANGING BRIDGE- a high-adventure cable and old wooden-slates bridge suspended over lush tropical jungle foliage, at a height of 100 feet at one point. You need to walk over this bridge in order to get to the second canopy slide. The bridges are actually suspended over the canopy slide at one point. The bridge experience is one definitely one out of a Hollywood high-adventure production.

Well, have you made- up your mind on which one you like to try? Or you go for the whole buffet of extreme adventure?

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  1. I bet this is good for team building experiences! ^_^ Hope my message gets to my friends in cagayan de oro!