Friday, November 9, 2012

Boracay2012: Land & Sea Transfer

This was the queuing scene we arrived at in Terminal 3 to check-in for our 6am flight to Boracay. I was actually ecstatic to have had  booked this flight in less than 24 hours prior to our departure. I was x2 glad cos it was Caticlan bound, not Kalibo.  And I was x3 satisfied cos I was able to grab the cheapest fare rate for the day. Take note that this was at the height of a fully booked holiday (Nov.1-2++long weekend) so I took it as pure luck.

It was 4 am and T3 was full of passengers that were half asleep. In particular, daughters and me.

Because I was half asleep during the check-in, I could barely remember what transpired there. So, might as well_  jump off with us to the boarding gate. Holy my! This was my first time to fly on a peak season  so I was not used of being in a boarding gate that full.

It looked more like a bus terminal rather than an airport. People were already sitting on the floors cos all waiting seats were taken.

Including daughters who were at this point couldn't fight the call of sleep anymore.

Good thing, it took us only less than an hour on the floor then we already got boarded.

The girls' stash! chips/chocolates/cookies/cakes/bottled juices.. they thought they would have appetite to snack on them before and on the flight but realized they needed sleep quite a lot more than food!!!

It figures, on this day of budget airlines in Ph, height doesn't matter much for local airline stewardesses. The one who assisted us couldn't even reach the luggage compartment. I had to do my luggage and  my daughter's as well. I felt so tall..

After an hour, we arrived at Caticlan. Still @ zombie mode. We were welcomed by a hotel rep lady who was so tall, my height suddenly dropped. haha.

My naughty girls were giggling about my name on the white board the airport rep was holding. They were teasing me about being a V.I.P./ swag, haha.

Insisted on borrowing it and took a pic. haha.

My girls loved the electric shuttle that would take us to the resort's private holding port in Caticlan while waiting for our boat to Boracay.

Later in the resort, we would have a lot of  this prototype vehicle.

The resort's private port/waiting lobby at Caticlan was huge. If it's your first time at Boracay, you could easily mistaken it as already the hotel/resort lobby with the ocean view at the back.

We were served welcome drinks and it didn't take long_ the boat was ready for us.

We were advised to change our footwear unless we wish to be carried by the crew on to the boat. That would be too much thu', haha. I didn't bother to change my bottoms, I thought I would just fold them short.

Ahhh, glorious beautiful morning ! The ocean wind blew and right away we felt refreshed. Erasing the
tiresome sleepless earlier morning.

This was our boat. Big time! All ours!

We own the boat. Just the 3 of us. I thought it could accommodate atleast 20+ passengers.

In a while, like after 20 mins, the familiar jetty port of Boracay was already visible.

Another set of hotel staff assisted us towards the car that would send us to the resort.

I had to pay for terminal fee I think, which was the only thing that was not included in our land & sea transfer. It was P100 per head for the terminal fee.

These were the hotel service cars. One of these took us to the resort. I wasn't so impressed. But later as a staying guest of the hotel, I came to appreciate the practicality of their choice of car. A lot of these in the resort for members and guests disposal, around town. The electric shuttle kind is used only inside the resort.

And if you're keen on our accommodation.. you could drop by again for my next post.
See ya:)


  1. we usually check-in via the internet to be sure we get good seats. it's for free anyway but only available 48 hours before the flight.

    my wife doesn't want to use the caticlan airport because one time we used it, and upon landing the plane stops abruptly because of the short runway. since, then she swore not to use the caticlan airport anymore, he he he

    last time we went there, we were bumped off our flight. good thing because we were given an earlier flight which gave us more time in boracay. the airlines informed us earlier about this problem and even emailed us. so all is well that ends well.

    will wait for your next posts on boracay

    1. this particular flight i tried to check-in via internet but failed. i guess, the internet check-in is not for small plane like this caticlan bound. or was it cos it was more than 48 hrs when i tried?

      parang nasasayangan ako sa hours consumed by land transfer fr kalibo, that's why i prefer caticlan. but your wife is right_ nakakatakot tlaga landing sa caticlan. this time thu' mejo ok nman yung cebu p. i think i'm already used to the short runway of caticlan that i don't mind anymore the heart-stopping touchdown/landing. i had to warn my girls thu' cos it was their 1st time.

      it's a good thing when its airline failure, they pay for it. as long as it's not life threatening, i won't mind.