Thursday, March 10, 2011

Shrek in 4D

Girls' fave area at UStudios_ the Far Far Away where fab queens and princesses live with handsome kings and princes.

Wait. . why  plenty of boys too?

. . cos most of them look like love to see Shrek in 4D.

I love him too.It's one of the few animated movies I watched and liked.

The 4D theater was inside an enchanted palace. Like the one you would imagine the real Princess Fiona lived.

Remember Donkey's love team?_Dragon? I sure want to experience this D380 air coach flying over the entire kingdom,:)))

Sorry folks, can't bring you inside. My cam was only up to this point. It was off limit inside. And sure I wanted to enjoy the experience without shooting task, so see you later.

Later on. . . after the show, Puss was outside amusing everyone. Wow, I love Shrek 4D! It rocked me, blew wind and tickled my nape, showered me with droplets of water, tickled my feet with_ I didn't know what! Made me feel I was inside the movie! Ofcourse_ that's what 4D is all about! Pardon my first timer moroness, haha.

Actually, while in SG, I got to enjoy movies (3D or not) right inside my room!

My room had home theater! Happiness!

A lot better than most of  the luxurious 5 star hotels in this expensive city. I'm so blessed to have a friend who is based here whose anonymity ( no matter how proud I am of her) I shall keep. Cos, the last time I blogged a friend's lifestyle and proudly introduced her thru a post, she was swarmed in with user-friendly people. You know, those social climbers trying to fish big catch thru  internet. That is so low-end! I hate those cheappys! Some didn't even bother to ask me to introduce them to my friends. That's so boohoo!!!!  

Friendship must be real and sincere. Not just another pretentious 4D!!!

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