Wednesday, June 13, 2012


To continue with the recent Singapore trip with daughter.. but first let me refresh you with our last stop => here. So from Little India, we went straight to China Town. Not via that tour bus photoed above.. ours was a DIY city tour cos I've been to Sg for a number of times so more than less_ I played as a co-tour guide to my first timer daughter, after my bff who's residing at Sg as an expat for decades now. Anyway, this was some part that expat bff wasn't around and I had to commute alone with daughter. No fear thu', knowing how safe to go around this secured city.

We took a train from Little India and alighted at Chinatown station which was so near from each other. There my daughter trying to camouflage, lol .

The following photos are stolen from my daughter's camera. Must say the way she saw the place and the images she took say a lot about herself too.
Teen daughter's perspective of Sg Chinatown :


daughter enjoys "tiangge"

she loves cheap hauls

always girly cutee

 manic about camera, but actually wants her next to be a Canon, she now has a Nikon.

loves owls and have lots of prints of them on shirts, bags and on her other stuffs. i won't be surprise if one day she would  take home a real one and have it as her first pet. she never had any. the other younger daughter is the animal lover.

I nudged her to see this museum which says a lot about the heritage of the old Singapore, she said no. I was able to see it on 2009. See here.

But when we walked by the Tintin Shop, she had to nudge me to make a full stop. .

Ask me not about the "aghast look", haha. Ask her, lol. Ofcourse, she bought nothing from the store. She thought the prices were very "un-chinatown", whatevah! haha.

This Chinatown walk didn't stop here. You can see some more here and here. Maybe later, I'll post more. A little food trip here.

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