Sunday, April 17, 2011

Universal Studios

I had an awesome day at Universal Studios, SG. Location : Resort World, Sentosa, Singapore. Admission : SG$72. Date of visit : March 2011

I don't think express pass (additional SG$30 on top of the SG$72) is necessary. We didn't avail any. I'm not sure thu' if you're going on weekends but on a weekday we went (and we were there early before 9am.), the ticket  and attraction queues were easy.
Here are some of the attractions I had fun with :
;) Mascots-> here and there
:) Shrek in 4D
;) WaterWorld
;) Lights, Camera, Action
and some that I found boring or too challenging for this boring mom :
;> Revenge of the Mummy
;} Accelerator
;(  Donkey Live
;( Treasure Hunters
;> Battlestar Gallactica
I enjoyed lunch at :
;) Discovery Food Court 

Look when I shouted  f-r-e-e-z-e !!! everybody halted. . spot the most common gadget. . need I say it aloud??? Everyone dared not get caught without a camera in his hand. 
Apparently, Universal Studios was more of an adult theme park choice. Per my visit, the park had more number of adult guests than kids. Why not, most of the attractions here were movie themed popular before today's generation. That means- the parents' time. I guess Disneyland is more cohesive as  for-all- ages park. We all grew up with Disneys. and so our kids today still enjoys Disneys. Yet Universal Studios owns its unique  character.

Today is Monday here in P.I. Although officially works start to cease on Maundy Thursday, traditonally we are already in observance of the Holy Week . I'm giving my favorite companion (my camera) a rest too this Holy Week. . . or I wouldn't???
Let's see if I could squeeze some chance  this week a glance or two of  Holy Week scenes in our country.
For now, take it slow. . time to pray and heal. God Bless us all.

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