Saturday, November 28, 2009

Kuala Lumpur.. quite like Manila

After the whole morning "payback- sleep", we woke-up around brunch time. We had scheduled paid tour arranged with the hotel in the afternoon, so the rest of the day before that_ was all on our own feet.

We decided to hit the shopping malls first ( SG friend loves to shop at KL where her SG$ is valued twice here and goods are a lot cheaper than SG.) so we were taking a cab. But getting a taxi here is not as easy and as safe in Singapore. Drivers in KL rarely use the meters and demand unreasonable fares. Similar taxi stories with Manila, but worser.

After few failed tries, we decided to just used the hotel car. Expensive but atleast a lot safer and lesser stressful than to deal with hard core taxi drivers on the road.

KL city roads look quite like Manila. Both are predominantly atop with MRT 's/LRT's. One train caught my fancy because it was a short train. Roughly only the size of two buses. That's short for a train, right?

Some mosques ascend from the side of the streets.

We got to the mall but.. not again!, it was still close. We headed to the Petronas Towers instead.


  1. Hi Mylene, welcome to Kuala Lumpur. You are right about the RM vs. S$, right again on the taxi (so sad our government only give lip service that they are looking into), and right again on the train (how can such short train solve our traffic problem??)

    Well I guess we have our fair share of problems. Lucky you Singaporeans......... but then you have your own problems too, probably of a different kind.

    Having said all that, I hope you did have a good time in KL. It is after all quite a place. Do visit the Kuala Lumpur Attractions page for quick facts and interesting information about places of interest in and around Kuala Lumpur.


  2. hello About Malaysia,

    *thanks for the visit. i'll visit KL Attractions page and your site.

    *i sure had a blast in KL. i was specifically mesmerized by the Petronas Towers at night. the beautiful architecture of the twin towers lighted from floor to the sky-high roof tip was incredibly awesome!

    *i'm from the Philippines and before KL, i came from a visit to SG.

    *hope to see you here again :D