Sunday, April 10, 2011

Sci-Fi City

I wandered the shortest at the Sci-Fi City among the seven themed zones of Universal Studios in Singapore.

It was because_ first of all this zone had the least number of attractions (as of my visit last month March2011, they got only 3 ), although I must say got the most popular ones.

The Battlestar Galllactica, Human and Cyclon were here. A pair of dueling roller coasters . The Human is a sit-down coaster and at a certain points can reach a speeds of up to 90 km/hr (56 mph). While the Cyclon is a suspended roller coaster which means a more challenging ride with intense maneuvers like Cobra roll, corkscrews, vertical loop and zero-g roll. Haay, I'm actually totally clueless about these loops. But my brother, a thrill addict had this pair rides and was ecstatic about them. That day we were there, the Cyclon had just opened to the public, not sure if it just had undergone a repair or just made its first admissions. Everyone was on the Human and brother braved the Cyclon alone!!! Yep the whole of it was his!!! No one dared! So when he got off, at the exit everyone was clapping for him. haha!!

Going back of not being a fan of Sci- Fi, second of all, I'm not into sci-fi movies. I always demand some realities in a film. If it were too much out of this planet, I'm out of it.

Third of all, I'm not so much of a thrill seeker in terms of rides. Never hang with me in a theme park with challenging rides like U Studios! I would bore you to death. Just so I had something to look back at the Sci-Fi zone, I let myself got twirled (twirl not spin, it was a very mild whirling ride) in a tea cup ride of the Accelerator.

:( These are all I got from the Sci-Fi zone. Pardon for my self portrait photos,haha. I accidentally deleted the ones I took with my dslr which are supposedly more interesting captures of the place instead of my uberly selfcentered photos here which I got from my travelmates' albums.

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