Thursday, June 30, 2011

@ The Palms

Who says summer is over in June? or July?. . or December? Here in my little universe called Ascertain Bliss, there's only one season_ s-u-mm-e-r!!!. .all year round.

So,  to continue my summer in the middle of stormy June, off to the Palms Country Club in Alabang, which is tucked  just minutes away from where I live.

I dragged along a girlfriend who is mother of five children and badly needed a break from a frenzy home and whose birthday fell on the same week. Happy birthday Neth!

. . and  my daughter who was off from school that day and looked like already she had spent cramming the whole first sem when it just had started. tsk.tsk., this super hardworking student needed to unwind too just like the rest of us.

Excited for a yoga class, I quickly changed into my favorite stretch outfit, only to find out that the class was
not available at that hour.
Instead we spent the early hours of the day food tripping at Cafe Asiana_ see here and here.

If it's not you're first time in this blog, you must know by now, my  unending love about summer, particularly being under the sun. It balances the long hours of the day I spend daily inside the roof of my home attending to the needs of my family. The sun energizes me and ofcourse the whole world.

The sun must have been aware of my endearment towards him and made me felt the feeling was mutual. Cos on this particular rainy, almost stormy day, he let me enjoy hours in the pool with him peeking lightly from the cloudy sky.

The Palms has 3 pools sitting side by side. A lap pool, above photo is the adult pool and at the back of it is the kiddie pool.

Naturally we stayed in the kiddie pool which is dangerously at 3 feet,hahaha!!!

See,  swimming pictorial is much better in a shallow kiddie pool, hahaha!

Until the sun could no longer hold himself up, he had to hide already, and the rains poured heavy. But by then we had enough fun at the pool and proceeded to relax at the club's jacuzzi, see here.

It was a perfect summer day in June at the Palms. :)

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  1. Just read your post here. What a coincidence, we also went to the Palms on June 2011, courtesy of a voucher we bought for P250 each which entitled us to the use of the facilities plus P500 spending money each for food at the Cafe Asiana. Too bad the rain cut short our pool play but we managed to pig out, ha ha ha