Sunday, October 10, 2010

Wensha Spa

Wensha Spa has been there for a loong time. I'm not a spa enthusiast thu', and not so updated about in-spas in the metro.

Wensha Spa came to my mind cos ( it was a day before our anniv this year) I wanted to give husband a relaxing day. He is a sucker of massage treatments. The place is relatively practical cos packages include 6 hour stay with flowing ( foods on the table the whole stay) buffet, drinks and shabu-shabu.

It's a must to tag along a girl bff or in my case my best cuz' , even thu' it's a day with hubby. Female and male have separated stations and the only place to meet your man is in the dining area. It would be boring hours in jacuzzi/steam/sauna/massage areas if you got no one to chat with. Hey, be sure to come with the one closest to you. Someone you could watch a movie on a big screen while sitting in a jacuzzi pool totally naked. Yes totally. No undies allowed.

my gangstah husband in kimono :))

Lockers, kimonos and towels were generously provided.

We were  happy with the buffet and shabu-shabu unlimited servings, although the menu was limited in kind.

So we frequented the dining area to eat . On that 6 hours, we approximately spent 75% of our stay enjoying shabu-shabu on our own table. The buffet had changed courses twice on the duration of our stay. 

smoking dining area

non-smoking dining  area

Two cozy dining halls share the adequate buffet table and the shabu-shabu bar. One for smokers and for the non-smokers.

I'm sorry couldn't share with you the jacuzzi hall, it's nakedly off limits ofcourse ! But I got some photos of the massage rooms before we had our one hour full body massage.

Each room has twin beds and dimly lit. Husband was off limit and I bet snoring at this time on the male massage room. Foot spa, facial and other treatments are being done in a separate area.

I'm no expert in this massage business so whatever done to me I was satisfied. It was expert cuzin' and hubby who confirmed that massage was great here.

Yet we saw something which disappointed us. Sanitary and maintenance of facilities. I wouldn't elaborate on those cos you can see them for yourselves when you get there.
We like the place and could be happy frequenting it, if only they could address cleanliness as it should be the priority of a spa cos it deals with wellness. It's sad that we only found out the place now that it looks already old and abused, not sooner when it was newly opened. I'm sure then it was at its best condition.

Well, overall_ it was a happy, relaxing experience.


  1. an officemate of mine keeps convincing me to take my wife there. i was told that the cost is now P780 up by P100 from the old one at P680.

    1. is it? haven't been back since then.
      i hope Wensha (Manila) had already gone renovations or some sort of updating of facilities. it wasn't so much in mint condition during my visit. the place looked tired then.
      if they had already, P780 spa package is definitely a steal.
      have a relaxing time with your pretty wife:)