Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The Donkey & The Hurricane

Be blown away by incredible special effects as an empty soundstage becomes the setting for a Category 5 major hurricane about to hit New York City. As you stand in a boathouse by the harbor, watch how a calm day suddenly turns stormy. Brace yourself as hurricane-force winds sweep in from the sea and drive a cargo ship and debris towards the boathouse you’re in. Calm soon returns and the damaged boathouse restores itself, all thanks to movie magic.

One of the  attractions that amused me in Universal Studios,SG, was an indoor movie special effects show called Lights, Camera, Action.

a local host briefed us of what to expect. .water splash, fire, horrendous winds, sounds and shaking. . anything in a hurricane. .just now I have thoughts: how about a tsunami theme in a similar show discipline. . ???

preparing for the worst to come:))) a hurricane was expected!!


everything was real in this stage right before my eyes, except for those behind the huge windows which I had guessed were filmed.

. .  as if all those were not enough to paralyze my nerves. .out of nowhere a titanic ship entered the stage!! whoahhh!!!

Now ask me what's the most boring attraction at US, Singapore!

It was a show called Donkey Live!

With me were those I would guess_ were first timers adults  too, otherwise they would have had let their kids on their own to see this show without them.

I really felt trapped. . if only the entrance door was not locked after we entered. . I would have had exited the minute I entered.haha.

It was actually an interactive show, whereas donkey was filmed but the voice was live. The audience was encourage by the host to participate to thave a conversation with donkey in a film that  didn't even look so 3D to me.
I was happiest when the show was over and I was released! haha.

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