Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Bahay Pastulan, Tagaytay

When you are in Tagaytay, don't forget to get your take home goodies from Bahay Pastulan. This is the Good Sheeperd in Tagaytay. Like its Baguio counterpart, you can buy the famous ube jam here. How convenient! No need to travel 8 hours to savor the yummy ube jam.

There are slight distinctions thu'. Here in Tagaytay the jam is not in a bottled jar, instead in a plastic container. Also, the  queue of buyers here is much shorter than Baguio.
But the thing is I can't find any distinction in taste. They are both the best ube jam makers in the Philippines. Or are they one?
Aside from the ube jam, other Baguio products are also available here_straberry jam, lengua, peanut brittle and the others. One thing that I think is endemic here is the buco pie.

It's my daughter's favorite and wouldn't leave the place without a box of buco pie. She wouldn't consume it thu' not until the following day at home after one day refregeration. She likes it cold and old.
We saw at the front side of the building that they were also selling "halo-halo". There were customers enjoying the halo-halo right at the front of the canteen eating standing. We never got to try it yet, but I'm sure it's delicious as I suppose they are using their own sweets products like ube and macapuno.


  1. Hi Mylene,

    Ano po meron dun sa bahay pastulan?

    Boracay Resorts

  2. if you're familiar with Good Shepperd of Baguio City, this is the counterpart in Tagaytay. also runs by nuns, they sell delicious delicacies like ube jam. i'm not sure but i think these two are both of Pink Sisters.