Monday, July 18, 2011

Retail Nature Therapy

You know when an urban mom is so under stress and would jump off to the nearest mall, she goes to her favorite shop. purchases a pair of shoes and maybe 2 to 3 tops. . beyond her needs but more as an   "escape from it all" . . I am not like that. I'm not so much into retail therapy.
I have my own retail therapy thu' . . definitely shoes and tops won't answer my need for balance when I'm under stress. I seek for nature therapy. This kind, I categorized it as retail like the retail/shopping therapy most moms do, cos usually it's cheap, if not free and accessible.

I'm quite lucky too to have a rural hometown as my default ground. So green and rural, you could just walk around without a penny in your pocket and you would absorb the same nature bliss one would get from an  out of town trip of  no lesser ( but can be more) than P7k/pax budget. If there's more to it, it's that_ "the best things in life are free".

Aside from my personal therapy, my girls are  happiest when we get to visit my home town.

It's usually very light to trek here. We just go out of the door of our house on our flipflops without anything in our hands.

There are sari-sari stores (local variety store huts), and sure bring some coins for liquids.

Not this kind of liquid thu', unless you are driving a motorcycle and you  need a refill . They are gasoline in bottles, haha.

I bet to my kababayans (townmates) who live here forever, this part of  town is just another street for them. A road they walk on everyday. But to my girls_ it's wilderness, already a little forest for them to reckon with.

Neither I would pretend I'm no longer in awe of the nature abound my town cos I'm supposedly used to them cos I am supposedly its own native child. On contrast, I am as wide eyed as my girls. Growing -up, I rarely had the freedom to reach these hidden nature treasures. Perhaps also because they were all over there everyday, I took them for granted.

Hanging bridges always amaze me. It amazed me more to find one in my own town.

Underneath is a live river, with real flowing water.

Also on this particular hot, arid weekend, we tried to add a little adventure. .  .

We took the challenge to reach a falls by taking a mountain sloped trail on our bare flipflops.

# On second thought, I decided I'll just share it next time cos this one has been too long already, don't you think so?

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