Sunday, May 27, 2012

More of Little India

I thought a glimpse of Little India would spice daughter's first taste of Singapore, also we needed to buy her lil' sis a gadget which a friend suggested to buy somewhere here cos its cheaper. I also thought my previous visit of this ethnic neighborhood was still fresh  ( here ), so I went out of my comfort zone ( of always accompanied by my Sg expat/host best friend ) to commute alone with my daughter.

From Bukit Timah ( where we stayed at my friend's residence ), we took a train at Sg Botanical Gardens' MRT station and alighted at the station in Little India.

The quaint commercial buildings and the faces of the pedestrians confirmed that so far we weren't not yet lost, haha.

So we started our little walking tour of Little India but had to run for roofs when the bright hot sky drizzled some rain out of nowhere.

Which I guess what brought us to some outskirts of the neighborhood. In good fate actually, cos we were able to see more of this district than I did last year.

shining.shimmering... flabby arms :)))


leis.everywhere, haha.


If only we had more time, I'd like to try this resto which looked like serving authentic Indian cuisine. I peeked inside and it was jampacked with locals and tourists. It was with regret that we hadn't.

This was not the resto I was talking about above. I wonder if this is the same Banana Leaf here in Manila.

Daughter found this pink vendo machine so vintage-y cutee. She said the last time she saw a vendo in our country was in a hospital lobby.

We passed by a Hindu temple with full of devotees inside. At this point we realized, we were lost!!! haha. I had to approach a local in the street and asked what mall in this area that sells iPod?

We were pointed to go to Sim Lim Square which was at the main road. So we walked out of the outskirst and went across the massive main road.

There were serious road constructions going on. On the way there, daughter couldn't help but take a photo of a building with Lassale (College of Arts) name on it.

Until we found our way to Sim Lim Square.

It's a five storey gadgets mall. Cameras, phones, ipods. .anything mobile and current gadgets could be bought there. We stepped-out of the mall as quickly as we stepped-in, without a single purchase. Daughter and I felt overwhelmed by the massive selections and intimidated by the aggressive local male vendors of the shops.
That ended our Little India walk. After which we went straight to the China Town here and here.

ps :

Later that same day was our departure from Sg, bak to my beloved country. In the airport, I looked around at the Duty Free shops and luckily...

we found a shop that had Sony Walkman in the shelves, exactly what my youngest daughter (at home) was asking for a take home from Singapore. 

I took out every single Sg dollar left in my wallet and bought it. Daughter was ecstatic when she received it.


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