Tuesday, January 4, 2011

The Avenue Plaza Hotel, Naga City

Still tipsy from the holidays, I couldn't find energy to post my Camsur (CWC) blog. Not yet today. It was such a rushing trip, not at all relaxing, as it was hours before New Year was ushered in. Glancing over the photos tired me already. So I would put CWC aside for the mean time. Instead, I'd like to share you a place to stay in Naga City when you come to visit Camsur and decided not to stay inside the CWC, the way we did.

The Avenue Plaza Hotel was located at  Magsaysay Street in Naga City. CWC (Camsur) was 15 to 20 minutes drive away.

The hotel was hidden at the back of a mini commercial plaza and was quite deceiving when you sized it up by its facade and its tiny lobby. I thought it was small, only to realize how big it was when I got the chance to check the whole place the following morning. We had checked-in so late on the previous night and so tired we slept the moment we entered the room

The pool was a sweet surprise but ofcourse useless during an overnight stay.

Our room was pleasant and was never short of pleasing amenities. I have to special mention thu_ free wi-fi service was excellent even inside the room.

Food was good based on the complimentary b-fast buffet ( see here ) included in our accommodation.The hotel allowed even encouraged fast food chains' delivery by providing service nos. of these establishments, mostly located within the hotel area.

The hotel was awesome as expectations were met not only by the facilities but also through the sophistication of the service. I almost forgot that I was in a province. It was like a Manila 5 star hotel.


  1. I'm glad you liked naga., I'm from naga city BTW.,

  2. hello Ace, yes i love Naga, hope to come back soon. :)