Friday, May 7, 2010

Raw Bliss 2

I saw photos of this particular barangay of my hometown , few weeks back at Guinayangan Republic, (see here) , a community blog of Guinayangan Quezon. It got my attention when the blog site mentioned of its unique physical structure compared to the rest of the town.

I was curious and had to see it . Indeed, Guinayangan Republic was right. Brgy. Arbismen is atypical in terms of land form. It is plain, unlike other uphill barangays here which are hilly or mountainous.

Even planted trees were different. Instead of the common coconut trees , buli trees of palm family monopolized the area.

The land structure was quite different here that gave me a weird feeling like I was in another place. Not in my own hometown.

Yet familiar elements - carabao , coconut trees . . sufficed the short oddity I initially experienced.

It was plain and odd in a beautiful manner. We heart Brgy. Arbismen !

More random photos in the barrio :

typical hut in this barrio

broom sticks

waiting to be transported copra , major product of the province

native chicks

enjoyed young coconut, freshly harvested

I bought fresh -catch-baby octopus

lil' girl awaited payment for the octopus which were caught by her father

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