Thursday, October 21, 2010

Plaza San Luis

Let's indulge in a small historical city tour. Inside Intramuros, Manila, one of the interesting places to visit is Plaza San Luis Complex.

A feel of Spanish era conveyed right upon at the entrance of the complex with the guard in ensemble worn by a guardia civil during the said era.

Plaza San Luis is named after one of the old barrios of old Intramuros, this is a cultural-cum-commercial complex currently composed of five houses - Casa Manila, Casa Urdaneta, Casa Blanca, Los Hidalgos and El Hogar Filipino. You would find a museum, a restaurant , a cafe, a hotel, events venue, a souvenir shop inside this villa while being transported to an era of the Illustrado , the privileged class of the 19th century to early 20th century. Enjoy taking a peek of the lifestyle an Illustrado ruled from authentic replicas of the structures during the Spanish colonial era.

the hotel

the gift /souvenir shop - The Papier Tole. see here

And this pretty coutyard is actually part of Casa Manila. see here.

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