Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Casita ala Hobbit House

Guess what?

This was the casita in Moon Garden, where we stayed one long weekend. Looked like a hobbit house ! Doesn't this remind you of  those little houses in Lord of the Ring movie?

Outside , it looked like that of a hobbit house. The facade was so organic. If not for the bright yellow paint, it could easily lost in this beautiful garden.

Surprisingly, the interior didn't give me a hint of claustrophobia which might be the first impression of the hobbit house like facade of the casita. Could be because of the airy opened- wall window and the way it was artistically decorated.

When you were inside, you didn't feel boxed-in at all. The screened wall-window brought in the garden inside and vice- versa , gave you a feeling of  being outside.

One of the quaint features of this casita was the doorless bathroom. Would really work great for honeymooners huh. My girls found the idea cute thu'.

I super loved the bathroom. It was spacious, modern and earthy. I liked the rocked walls and floors.

Yes_ earthy. I even snapped a moment with an earth worm getting in and out of the drain. I didn't find it gross at all cos the casita sits in an organic garden, which naturally, creatures like earthworm inhabits.

I also appreciated the way they accentuated the interior with elements from their own garden. For instance, this pretty plant in the bathroom, which siblings were happily dancing in the garden.

Apart from the living things elements, the antiquated wood furniture like the tables and the chest were distinctively accentuating the uniqueness of the casita.  

The casita has been a study hide away of my girls when they were in the midst of projects and exam reviews.

Where bonding with dad was unbounded by time.

We sure had a loving time together hibernating inside the casita, after a while we stepped out and enjoy the rest of the beautiful Moon Garden.

 Come back later and see the invigorating Moon Garden. See ya!

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  1. moon garden is just the best!

    been there twice already and we didn't even get out to tour tagaytay hehe. =]