Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Real Beauty

While I adhere discovering totally unfamiliar places, husband is the opposite who hates something new. So when he asked where? I simply answered_ just drive babe. Until we reached a fork road along Tagaytay Ridge, hubby was clueless of our weekend destination.
We stopped right at this signage-less, unassuming gate and walked the seemingly uninhabited flourishing garden path.

I made a reservation the day before and got confirmed only the morning of our first day. Our first time at the overrated Moon Garden.

So after a long walk under arch tunnels, we reached the center of the garden. Just one swiftly gazed around the place and I thought I've seen everything.

main dining hall

another dining hall

floating gazebo

another floating gazebo

My snooty self  said - not bad, pretty yes but not p.y.t. as in preeeeety!!! We were escorted to our casita, click here to see. Took some rest inside and went out for dinner later.

It was on our early breakfast  the following morning ( see our bf's here , here and here ) at the garden when we started to truly inhale the detailed beauty of Moon Garden. Art and nature mode was sensitized by the animated garden.

Well, I was kindah' fell short of words there. . .I thought it was just right to let the photos spoke for themselves.
If you want to see more of inanimate objects that animated the garden, pay me a visit again later.

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