Monday, October 25, 2010

Pinoy Tricycle 2

Aside from the natural wonders flourishing in my scenic/3rd world country, there's another thing that amuses me everytime I get to go out of town trips. Our Pinoy tricycle ( see part 1 here .).

This one is locally called traysibot (from the word - tricy-boat? just a wild guess) in Davao City. It's amusing how the prototype of a tricycle has been modified in many different ways. Each region has its own design and yes pet name for each.The only thing constant in our provinces is tricycle being the most common means of transportation if not the only one available.

I couldn't remember where I saw this one, but it was in Mindanao too. Not sure if outside Davao or a town in Maguindanao, but somewhere there. This is also a tricycle but has been modified into a 4-6 seater, like a small jeepney.

This one is roaming around Kidapawan City (Mindanao). Thanks for the background sign board, or else I wouldn't remember where. This taught me to shoot next to a street/location sign .

Korean tricycle? Maybe Korean- married owned. This type is seen on the streets of Coron Town. Quite similar to the ones in Kidapawan City (see prev. image)

I've noticed the special (Hawaiian inspired) polo shirts worn by the tricycle drivers in Coron . They were required to wear one for the town's tourism enhancement . Nice!

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