Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Paper Tole

 In the midst of  busy heavy heart days, I found light weight surprises at the Papier Tole Shop. A shop chockablock with colorful paper art creations and many pretty others.

The shop was being manned by a staff who was also a paper tole random artist himself. On his table I saw folded papers, about to emerge as another art creations.

Snap facts on paper tole :
Paper tole, also known as three-dimensional decoupage, is the art of handcrafting three-dimensional pictures from flat prints. Paper tole art is created by skillfully cutting, shaping, and assembling pieces of paper layered onto an image until a three-dimensional version of the image emerges. Though paper tole is an art form that stems from decoupage, a paper craft that originated sometime in the 18th century involving cut pieces of paper shellacked onto wooden furniture and other objects, paper tole has reemerged over the years in several different forms. While framed prints are most popular, people often employ the techniques of paper tole when creating handmade greeting cards and other paper 

Others thu' not paper tole tickled the same effect on me. God is  so good_ He created us to create something, for others to get by and get inspired.

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