Thursday, October 14, 2010

Lumadnong Tambal

I found out that Eden Nature Park, Davao was not only all about beautiful gardens of exotic flowers, fruit bearing trees, plants that can be harvested as ingredients of fresh garden salad_

The park had also a herbal medicinal garden. Seen were actual herbal plants with general knowledge pertaining to the use of a certain plant. Said that our baylan (the Filipino tribal doctors then) forefathers of century ago had been using those but was branded by the Spaniards as works of devil and sought to eradicate the source which resulted to the lost of the records of the plants.

yahong-yahong - leaves, for respiratory tract infection

makahiya- leaves, for mumps

kataka-taka- leaves, for toothache

pandan- leaves and stem, for urinary difficulties

busikad- leaves, for chicken pox

alugbati-leaves, among many other uses, for laxative

Funny, these plants are not even shall we say exotic or rare. Most of them are in our neighborhood/ backyards sitting as stray grasses or unwanted grasses.
Well, God created everything in this Earth for a reason, right? How about you, have you found your purpose of living or still searching?

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