Saturday, October 9, 2010

Another Story of Manila Ocean Park

The first time my girls visited Manila Ocean Park was two years ago ( click here) when it was newly opened and not much of what it has today. The second time was only last weekend, after 2 years.

kyla with cuzin' bianx at the grand entrance of MOP

 We were kindah' surprised how the place had expanded in terms of constructions and attractions to see.The long queue of visitors ( locals and Asian tourists) at the ticket booths spoke of how business was doing well, despite of the fact that the whole theme park was obviously quite far from completion.

The girls wanted to see the Sea Lion Show cos they had enjoyed similar show in Subic's ocean park. But when we arrived the next show wouldn't be up before 3 hours. so they decided to kill time by swimming which was also another attraction of the park.
We bought the tickets and was a bit confused when a staff escorted us to the swimming area. My concern was it was the same area where they held the sea lion show and the musical fountain show. I couldn't help myself but to reconfirm to the staff if he was sure we were at the right place. He said that it was the swimming
area and certainly the pool was not the one used for the show.

The shower and locker area was spacious and smelled so new. When we were there, we owned the place.

Aside from water, the pool offered nothing else more but this water balloon which was ride-able for additional fee.

We left the girls with mommy Che and take off to drop my eldest to a cosplay event nearby and went back after 3 hours to watch with them the sea lion show.

We went back 15 minutes late for the show . It was in full swing when we took seats.

The show finished as fast as I took my seat. Beside me was my youngest girl who took a swim in the other pool beside the one being used by the sea lion show, 3 hours ago. She wouldn't at all take her hair off her face. Why? Her eyes were swollen.
After the show we called the attention of the management regarding my daughter's condition. We hoped for immediate care from their clinic, instead the manager ( not a doctor or nurse) just gave us  ice cubes in a plastic and told to put them in the swollen area.
On our way home, my girl's swelling was getting worse. Looked like a a case of allergy to me so we dropped by to a drug store and bought an antihistamine syrup (benadryl). I gave her a dose and she went straight to her bed to sleep. At 3 am the following morning my daughter woke me up. She could hardly opened her eyes due to worsen swelling. I got really alarmed and asked the dad to take her to emergency unit of a nearby hospital. Immeadiately the doctor prescribed a steroid eye ointment. When asked what made her eye areas swollen, the doc said _might be the treated water of the pool.
Good thing, my daughter's condition thrived well in just a day application of the med. If things didn't get well, it would be another. . another story!

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