Sunday, April 25, 2010

Manila Ocean Park

Due to paucity of water in Manila, at home, we have to wake up earlier than usual. We need to fill up numerous drums of water just for a day consumption . The water supply is only available at early dawn. Low water pressure couldn't take the water up to the tank. It needs manual labor. Welcome to El Nino summer in Manila ! Maynilad _ h e l l o ! ! !

So blame me not _ if I tend to kick you with water scenes (ocean,beach,pools,resorts) on my summer posts. Where else to go with this scorching heat of the season. . To the --> water.water.water !!

This morning (in search of cool places), I came across with my girls' old album of Manila Ocean Park. The photos were taken about 2 years ago (if I wasn't mistaken). The ocean park had just been newly opened. I was not with them. But now seeing these photos make me want to dive inside the huge aquarium and stay under water for a while. That's a good way to beat the heat. Don't you think so? For now let me flip back on these photos with you and chill as I do so.

Jackets and umbrellas !! Don't we envy them for the opportunity bestowed upon them by the cool weather of rainy season ?

Then, the highlight of their visit was the boating around a man made lake. Today, there are lots of additional activities being featured in the park.

Well, I hope these help you beat the heat away. . . even for a while.

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