Sunday, March 13, 2011


The after quake-tsunami scenes are more frightening to see than the cataclysm itself. On the day it was happening, my fingers were busy clicking t.v. channels from CNN to BBC, back and forth. Husband next to me, reiterated _ he wanted to see an eye level shots of the land situations. The coverages were limited to bird's eye view at that time but not for long_ actual footage-s taken via random cameras were flooding the media and more are being shown to this day.

Another horrendous domino effect of the magnitude 8.9 quake in Japan was the partial nuclear melt down. The news about nuclear/ radiation leakage brought me into zombies movie series I watched only with husband. Remember those walking-living dead, in the story a nuclear radiation caused the monstrosity. Remember Will Smith's movie? Omg! babe we don't have a basement, we need a safe place to hide. Husband nearly slapped my face to stop me from being a paranoiac. haha! Too much movies.

Well, while the world is still caught up by the recent tsunami, another film played back in my paranoid memory_ the WaterWorld, an epic 1995 post apocalyptic science fiction film, ( starring Kevin Costner, why haven't seen any movie of him lately). Just few days before the killer quake hit Japan, I watched WaterWorld live at UStudious with all those death defying stunts and water scenes right infont of my paranoid eyes,haha.

WaterWorld, A Universal Studious attraction :

Just like in the movie. . .

Take note of the color coded seats : green- splash zone, blue- soak zone, rain coats are for sale, in case you want to take the front seat, brave enough to invite the performers to bathe you with buckets of water.

Many preferred the safety of green seats,haha.

ok, the following photos I'm sure would remind you of the movie scenes in random. To those youngsters ( like my own girls) who were not yet born when the movie was shown, may this post introduce you to this film and go get a copy now. .the possibility of a WaterWorld is just right the corner.. .

Remember, this was the world of no land, where everything left was debris and water and lots of bad guys. .

bad guys

damsel in distress

the leading man savior

death defying stunts

real blasting, fires, gun shoots. . extra heart pumping when see/ it's done live!

After the clouds, there's rainbow. . the end.

Wow!! I hope what's happening to our world now is just a short show. After which, we could move on to the next with realization of what to do if what if's. .

Prayers for Japan. Prayers for the world.
No to a WaterWorld.

MANDATORY REMINDER frm CNN: NASA reports that by the nxt 10 months, earth gets hotter by 4 degrees from now. Himalayan glaciers are melting @ rapid rate. Our climate is changing drastically & it's getting worst. We must help fight Global Warming by doing the ff steps:1.Plant more trees 2.Don't waste water 3.Use cloth bag and don't burn plastic. Do your share. SAVE THE EARTH

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