Saturday, March 12, 2011


How can you run away if it's God's call? If it's time ! Yesterday was surreal. The ferocious 8.9 quake and the killer tsunami from Japan alerting us here in P.I.  for a possible shared catastrophe , omg, the fears swarmed in up to the tiniest bone of my body. Prayers. Right now my other eye is still hooks in the news as ofcourse everyone else does. Are these for real? Are we in for the end?

For now, let me escape for a moment. Enjoy the world of these animated characters. Where laughter is crunchy and friends are soft and cottony. Let me regress a little to a safer world of our childhood. Where earthquake was  just a shake dance and tsunami was unknown. Where everything is a make believe and far from the end.

Life is just the way you animate it. But God knows best.

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