Monday, March 29, 2010

Goin' Bananas

There's a resort that offers pure nature and serenity, where one can indulge and linger to its natural beauty and just be easy -lazy the whole day and night. And there's a resort that is busy, crowded, and energy pulsating. You can't help but jump too!!
The latter kind is what we landed on last weekend at Grande Island Resort.
On our second day at the resort (?). . where's the first day ? Photos are not in this comp, so I'll post about them later, ok :D

So about the 2nd day_ kids didn't sleep the whole first night woke up so early. Bianx and Kyla were excited about the banana boat ! This gonna be their first time to ride one. We thought at 9 and 10, they were ready. Besides, we saw their b boats here, they were small enough for the kids.

The kids pushed us to run with them to the banana boat station. Already there was a long queue of guests waiting for the station to open.

Meanwhile the kids had no choice but to enjoy the water while waiting. Until the station opened.
Us ? We knew what to do :D

can't smile; holding breath to tuck my bulges in

Alas ! The kids jumped out with delight. Our chance came !

Parents had to sign a waiver for the kids. A boat rides min/max of 5. J chose not to join and stayed behind the lens.

Ready !

All set ! !

Go o o o o ! ! !

Thumbs up ! ! ! ! !

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