Friday, March 18, 2011

Lovers' Lane

No, it's not a photo shoot. It's a random shot I sneaked out of this random loving couple in a random river bank across the river in Clarke Quay, Singapore.

Another one of them. Love was still on the air. It was still within the love month (Feb. 2011) allright,  but definitely Valentine's Day was weeks over, it was already on the latter part of the month. And people were still so in love!!!

It was 2 am . lots of lovin'. .. and kissin'. . .

and more. . .!!!!!! ( heyyah there, looks like it's time to get a room, don't ya think??)

kissing couples everywhere!!!! It's time to go home, husband is waiting in P.I., haha.

Have a loving weekend everyone !!!!!

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