Thursday, March 3, 2011

S'pore's Bridges & Tunnels

During my previous visit to S'pore, I never had the chance to do a night photo walk. So this time around, when we got off the plane, wasted not a minute, immediately threw our luggage in the room, and hit the roads of the sparkiest city in Asia.
Lots and lots of fab bright structures! Pardon my exaggerating enthusiasm over lighted city. What can you expect from a probinsyana who now lives (still) in suburban mellow city. haha.
I got tons of photos here and really confused where to start. Huhuumm, maybe with the beautiful bridges and the equally brightened tunnels. They amazed me cos where I'm coming from, tunnels are dingy, dark and supposed to be scary places especially at night.

It's the opposite. Tunnels there were clean, lighted and each got its own color and structure.

Some even give-off a sci-fi ambiance. Interesting! If the underneath-s were like that , it's no longer a surprise to see how fantabulous upper structures were. Talking about the bridges _ ok let me test my sense of color sight :

sparkling white.




Well, I guess my eyes still recognized the basics, but do come back later. I promise to post more colors of this city and it's neighbors.

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