Thursday, July 1, 2010

Boracay Regency

One of the hotels we were eye-ing to stay in Boracay was the Boracay Regency. Che wanted the idea of a pool right outside our door, so the kids could swim near and the beachfront location of the hotel in the midst of the busy station2 was ideal for Che's idea of a Bora getaway. It was summer peak season when we went there so we knew we got smallest chance to get a room.

But cousin Che wasn't easy to get dissuaded by a big no in Manila sales office. She still insisted to go straight from the airport to Boracay Regency to get a room.

She boxed hard at the front desk and finally we were told there was one available room. Good news? nah ! It was a Royal Suite fit for a king!

It's a room for a family of two or three. Aside from the extra rooms of the suite that we didn't need, the room was quite expensive ($500++ a night) too.

Only until then, cuzin' had given up. Well, there's still coming Bora next time anyway.


  1. Hi Mylene,

    Was it worth the price? Seems like a good hotel, the review here ain't that bad either

    Tanya Gemarin

  2. Hello Tanya,
    ..sure is a good hotel.
    i've never gotten to stay there thu' cos it was fully booked then. the physical structure was great but if you were asking me if it was worth the price?_ i'll answer you when i get the chance to stay there.
    i would have to experience yet the amenities and services the hotel has to offer.
    ty for the visit :D

  3. Yes it is really worth to spend any pennies on staying in boracay regency.