Tuesday, March 15, 2011

An Idiot Guide to Cheap Airport Transfer in SG

If you are like me who is a certified / self proclaimed budget traveler, STAY!, this post might be of help.
Destination : Singapore
Mission : get away from expensive airport transfer/ taxi fare to the city by taking train or bus.

I flew under the grace of a budget fare of Cebu Pacific (hey, isn't it nice, this airline has never ran out of alibi to sell sale tickets- x'mas,new year,mother's day.valentines day,etc.etc, every Philippine holiday they are on sale!., it's up to you which alibi you prefer,haha ). Budget airline lands at Changi's Budget Terminal, ofcourse! asa ka pa ha! Your goal is to get to the Changi's Terminal 2 .

So after you're done with immigration and you already have your luggage with you, you can now take the arrival exit and look for the signage that says - free shuttle service pick-up point. It's actually just few walk away from the gate you exited.

This free shuttle is a 24-hour service. It leaves roughly every 10 minutes (every 30 minutes from 2am to 5am).

Don't worry about your luggage. There's a lot of room in the lower compartment of the bus. It's safe too. Leave your thief /snatcher - worries at home. From here on, your worry list would be manipulated by calculator! Multiplying an SG$ to P35. Always!

The bus ride to Terminal 2 is around. . oopss, sorry I forgot to time. But I'm sure it's less than 20 minutes.

So you get off in the basement of Terminal 2 then jut follow the signs which lead you to the MRT station. Or if you prefer a bus, you can also find them at the basement of Terminal 2. The main public bus service is No. 36, which plies the Bras Basah-Orchard Road hotel belt. If you don't know the exact location of your hotel, ask the bus captain to alert you when it's time for you to get off. To those who would take the train, stay with me.

Ok. You made it to Terminal 2 and you are almost there at the MRT station. But hey, it's ok to do some initial touristy shots. C'moon, we don't have that wall water falls in our own terminal 2, hahaha!

After which, just walk thru and you would find the station.

Your next task is to locate your hotel or place to stay. If you don't have any idea you can ask the Information Counter staff and they would gladly assist you. Just tell them where are you going so they could tell you which station to get off. To give you a better view, you can check the maps.

Just make sure you have some change ( atleast a dollar or 2) to avail of a single journey card.

Don't be shy. This was also my first time to take a train here. I was so spoiled during my previous visits of Singapore that I hadn't experienced a train or bus ride. I usually had a service car or taking a cab. So there, since I didn't have some coins, I used a SG$2 note. Imagine, my fare was only a dollar while if I took an airport taxi, it would cost me not lower than SG$35.

There goes your single trip ticket.

Now, you can tap it light against the sensor and get in. .

Get in. How easy-peasy. I wish our own airports have links to our MRT too.
You can actually apply it to basically at any airport. All you have to do is find out where to avail the city transportation and how to get there from the terminal you disembark. Usually, they are at the departure area of most airport. So you have to find your way how to get to the departure area from the arrival area.
I hope I'm able to share something useful to you too.

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