Thursday, March 17, 2011

Luge's Dragon Trail

I took another ride of skyride and luge in Sentosa. Not for me but for the benefits of my travel mates on their first Sentosa visit. Just like my first time, I pretented to be cool about the  afraid- of- heights- issue. No matter how often I've been doing lately lots of sky jump, flying, zip lines, etc, stuffs_still when I'm up there, my heart goes thug-thug beats.

But I do manage without manifestation, haha. You know, if you were beside me, you would hardly know. I manage by diverting my attention away from the super fast heartbeat. Just like during my first sky ride ( see here, you will notice I took exact shot of my feet in the same spot cos this was where my heart started to beat fast, so I started to distract myself  by tinkering my cam, the only difference was the footwear I was on. I was on a pair of havaianas then, I was in fitflop this time. advertising? ps. I was also wearing a different nail color, haha. ), I either consumed myself by taking photos or talking to my seatmate. While praying silently _ this too shall pass. . this too shall pass. .  omg_what's taking this ride too long?. . haha.


an islet

empty chairlift unit and go carts infront of me

Those three photos are some of the random photos I took as I diverted my attention away from my fear, haha.

So imagine how relieved I was when it was time to transfer to luge.

This is the ride you would take to get down to the bottom. The skyride supposedly is the ride that brings you at the top of the mountain(?). So it's a down hill ride from here on.

I like luge a lot. It's for boring mom like me. You're actually in full control of this_  there are only two things to remember :  1). go and break  2) pull and push. Opps, are they counted as four?

No camera? Sure!!!

Do I have a choice? I am supposed to drive, right? My hands are full, how can I accommodate taking photos??

But I saw other tourists/riders manipulating their cart to take a halt and took photos. Aha!!! I shall do the same!! ofcourse!!! haha.

This time too, the Luge offered a new trail_ the Dragon Trail. I couldn't cite any difference from the Jungle Trail (which I took on my first ride), maybe the latter was longer, I'm not sure. Felt the same for me.

Might be_ this dragon figure made the difference.

Here are the latest price rates. I don't know if they hiked price but you could compare to the other time I was here, see here, kindly click to enlarge the last photo in that  post to see the prices, only if you're interested.

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