Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Marina Bay Sands

Marina Bay Sands, the newest star in Singapore (to date). While natural wonders like mountain, ocean, forest, volcano, etc.,always make me feel the presence of our Creator, it is on the same wavelength that exceptional architectural structure such as this, ascertained God's another awesome creations _ those geniuses who built this structure.

Oh pleezee, I am no authority to show you around this big fella but if you haven't been here, their official site could really show what they got _ see here.

I really,really,really would like to go up there at the Sands Sky Park which I think where the lo-oong infinity pool with the sky view of the city is located, and have a hot photo shoot under a dusky sky, period. For SG$20/head entrance fee that's no problem.

Can you spot me in the above photo? I'm the one in the center, armed with cam and tripod. Almost running cos the sun was about to hide at around past 7pm. Yes, unlike here in P.I., 7pm is already blackie dark, but there in SG, it's like our still with the sun up- 4pm sky here.

I was so rushing to go up, I almost didn't notice how fancy the lobby of this casino hotel. Almost, but I did see in passing.

So we went up, down , center. .until we found the ticket reception but was so disappointing cos the area where the infinity pool was located was closed to the public. There was a private event being held there. so. .


We just amused ourselves by doing some photo shoots outside The Shoppers in Marina Bay Sands, which technically have the same views as one would see on top of the Marina, only here they were at bay level but definitely still awesome!

Don't cha agree? Plus ofcourse you get to save SG$20 cos it's a free space. I even witnessed a pre-nuptial photo shoot being done here.

Maybe on my next visit, I would be able to get up there or maybe there will be a newer structure then worthier of my presence (huh? haha). But more than anything else, there's nothing worthier than seeing a best friend who is based in this city.

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