Sunday, January 3, 2010

Carpets of Koi at Nuvali

Yesterday was another Tagaytay weekend for us and for thousands of people who were consuming the end of the Christmas Holidays in this mountain. On Monday, it would be back to work and to school.

As expected, the not so wide road of  Tagaytay was loaded with cars. The traffic was uberly busy and cars were bumper to bumper.

We cut our trip short and took the Sta. Rosa exit to Manila. The traffic hadn't shaken a bit and remained heavy.

Too long on the road, our hunger pangs pushed us to make a full stop at Nuvali, a metropolis being developed by Ayala Land, in Sta. Rosa, Laguna.

Already, food establishments were making their waves in there. There were lots of people enjoying the place and looked like business is flourishing.

There was a long man-made (I guess..) lake which seemed to be the craze there. Everyone was standing around the pond. Why, why, why??

Because of them ...!!!!!

Carpets of koi fish occupied the lake.

Feeding the koi was encouraged.

Young and adult_ both found it an enjoyable task. Husband was happy to feed the koi.

The koi showed awesome enthusiasm about the feeding activity. I definitely had glorious time.

Aside from the kois, there was another activity which had a long queue of kids.

The boat ride around the stretch of the lake. Well, you know kids, they always love to ride. No matter what and where... they simply love riding.

Grandparents of my girls had a grand time too..

Only younger daughter was not fully satisfied with our stop over at Nuvali. She missed the boat ride. I had to drag her back to the car as the queue was too long for a passersby like us. I just made her a promise that we will comeback on a not too busy weekend.

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