Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Dear Earth

Hello, I understand you're under the weather lately. You are cold, gloomy, windy and many times weepy. At times, you are uncooperative and so hard to be with. Can't blame you, I know nothing's personal. It's that thing we vehemently refer as global warming. It's not your fault. It's our fault_ we the human race, the major resident of your beautiful place. What's happening now to you and the would be worsen coming years could be dreadful and quite alarming. I could only pray we, the human could all be one in preserving and saving you from more harm to come. But this mom, could only wish for that. I try to do the basic and teach it to my girls but that's all there is to me. I wish I could share more.

Meanwhile, in my third world country, I'm happy to update you that most of our beaches are still as pristine and awesome as ever. I'm always proud of them. I'm happy about my country's nature abundance and hey, while at it_ let me (as a citizen of this island) enjoy it, savor it , anytime of the year. whatever mood you are in. Even if you rained the whole day and blew strong wind over my thinning hair_ I'm in the beach today and lovin' it!!!

ps: when was the last time you visit Cebu? me? before today, decade ago. I'm here now and it's beautiful. I love Shangrila, Mactan. you'll love it too. see you later :)


  1. Hope to visit Cebu sometime soon, I heard the beaches there are really great nga daw =]

  2. hi Christian, we all know how highly commercialized Cebu tourism is. that's why i guess most of us usually put aside Cebu in our later list. yet you can't ignore the fact that Cebu is Cebu. i mean you know, it's like ignoring Manila if you didn't have it in your list. you could actually guilt free skip the city tour and mactan resorts. there are so many must see others like bantayan,malapascua,moalboal, camotes..goes on and on. haha, as if i, myself, been there to those islands. they are actually next on my list. hope to meet you in one of those islands. who knows? (*)(*)