Monday, November 2, 2009

Spooky Singapore Night Safari

Strolling along the Singapore Night Safari_ alone_is in itself a very thrilling experience, what more when the Safari's walking trails are added with spooky Halloween creatures... awwwwoooooohhhhh!!!!

I had never felt more thrilled, when I found out that Halloween kicks were totted up to the already exciting Night Safari.

My heart leaping marathon, begun with this giant spooky pumpkin tree at the lobby garden entrance of the Safari.
I was sitting infont of him while waiting for my friend Jay who was in the ticket booth then. All the while, I thought, he (Mr. Pumpkin Tree) was nothing but a blunt display.
..And then, I heard someone's growling sooo loud, I was so sure the scary sound was coming right behind my back!!
I stood up and checked my back..

True enough, it was him who was roaring so loud and not only that!!
Mr. Pumpkin T, was also moving..!!!
I moved away, afraid that the next hand activity of this giant would be grabbing me with his huge barky palms.

Unexpectedly, Mr. PT collapsed into half of his standing size as my heart got back to its normal beats...
He sat silent and we moved on into the heart of the Night Safari.

While I was unfolding the night thrills of walking in the middle of the forest with striped hyena, indian wolf, bat eared fox, malayan tiger, leopard_ to name a few of the animal creatures that were watching right beside the road I was walking on.. there were spooky signs that warned about not the dangerous creatures but the halloween creatures hanging or littering around..

I had to close my eyes and let the camera took this photo of arms, hands, limbs cooking deliciously. OMG!! They really looked so real!!! Bff who usually walked fast, was already on the next corner and found myself alone!!!!!!!!!

I saw a glimpse of  bff's garments and felt a little relief, knowing that I wasn't all alone now. I walked briskly to get to my friend but another sign was warning me.

Briefly, with only three steps after the sign..I looked up to the tree and saw some-one/thing hanging. o-m-g!!! I dared not to pay a second glance and again let my camera independently took a photo of the image..waaahhhhhh! Bff now was nowhere to find again so I ran until I found myself beside her..haaay..

For awhile, we enjoyed sightseeing the rest of the nocturnal animals..until we saw another pair of creatures hanging..eeeeyyyyhh!! We ran fast together and push clicked my cam blindly towards the images. see_ what do you think they were???
The spooky creatures built up, the more we ran the more they appeared. I had lost guts to stop and take pics of them.

Until we saw the final my heartbeat went back to normal phase again..but not for long. A crew approached us and asked if we were heading to the Creatures of the Night Show. It was 2 minutes to 10:30 (last full show). We said yeeesss!!! and ran our assess to the Amphitheatre of the Night Safari!!!!!!!!!

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