Monday, November 2, 2009

Welcome Back to My Bliss!!!

Hello blissful folks! I know, I'm guilty of "no show" for sometime. But hey, although I was nowhere to find over the net (i was asked the same question : am I terminating my blogosphere affairs?), I was actually just around the fence, for awhile_catching fishes to serve you my dear friends!
Am I forgiven then?

Welcome me back!
Welcome back to my bliss!!!

Don't get're in the right site. Never mind the new face of the place. It's actually undergoing a transition makeover. Soon, this will look better as I am about to move to my very own domain.

For now, let me fill in the gaps between the last time you see me here (my pre-dep posts) to now that I'm soo back blissing here again.

Just like tracking an archive, let me start to the latest. Hey, move up to the next post please ==>>:)))

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