Sunday, November 15, 2009

Underwater World

Before this I haven't been to any aqua theme park, not even the one we have in Manila or Subic (?), so the child in me was revivified!

I couldn't compare, but my girls said, upon seeing my photos, the one they visited here in Manila didn't have a moving travellator.

It's 83 meter long which makes sight seeing here a lesser leg work.

My girls also thought, it has wider array of ocean creatures.

Alien (to me..) yet resplendent sea species..

Colorful tiny fishes..just like a water color art work..

Suddenly, over my head, a Herculean ocean fellow grooved his way crossing to the other side..

The next minute, I felt like they were all over me..swerving and swishing..

Lanterns under the sea..

Looking for crabs?

Not your regular crabs on the dinner table..


80 Siloso Road

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