Sunday, November 22, 2009

Singapore City Gallery

After a Hawker's lunch at Maxwell Road, Ann, Janelle and I checked the building across the food court, not knowing that it was exactly our next destination in our itinerary. We only realized it when we saw that the rest of the bloggers were all there.

The Singapore City Gallery located at first two floors of The URA Centre. It is a regular and ever updated public urban planning exhibition. Everything you need to know about how Singapore was transformed into a vibrant metropolis for 4.1 million people and yet has space for greenery, built heritage and gracious living is here.

The gallery offers you an amazing bird's eye view of Singapore's central area, and a fascinating 11 by 11 metre architectural model, the only one of its kind in the world, gives you a three-dimensional and multimedia overview of the development of Singapore as a city.

In front of the building are sculptures of Samsui Women, commemorating these early immigrants of Singapore.

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