Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Royal Selangor, Clarke Quay

Royal Selangor at Clarke Quay was the first stop of Nuffnang bloggers tour at Singapore. The most well-known brand in pewter, Royal Selangor pewter is composed of tin, with a small proportion of copper and antimony added to strengthen it.

We were ushered in by a tour guide. The thing was, I was too sleepy (coming from the previous award's night which ended quite late) to pay attention to her which made me miss some important details.

I didn't even know what this beautiful thing called. A money tree? I guess..One thing I was sure though, it's made up of pewter! hehe..and people were taking photo of them with it

That's why I guess.. I have one of myself too.Now, this reminded me of hearing the tour guide saying _ you'll get lucky if you have a photo with it or something to that effect.Having my sense of hearing still half asleep that morning, it was my sense of sight which was fully awake and working.

I was amazed by the beauty of these wall tiles made of pewter.Wishing I could have them taken home with me.

Pewter is highly malleable. This could be seen by how it is easily shape up into something. There was a big glass box there which contained bits of pewter. I tried to have a feel of it and found out by myself that indeed it was soft unlike other metals.

Showcasing also, were skilled craftspeople working on some beautiful creations. This is to say that all Royal Selangor products are being handcrafted inspite of the modern technology.

Presently, the company offers over a thousand different tableware and gift items, from traditional tankards and elegant tea sets, to captivating photo frames and handsome desk accessories.

Alluring jewelries to the delight of lady shoppers..

..And a chess set made of pewter? I could hear my girls shouting: "mom, buy that!"

There's also a coffee nook where shoppers could take some refreshments and snacks after an interesting hours at Royal Selangor. After all, it's in Clarke Quay.

Actually, our tour didn't end there, it went more to a 30 minutes workshop at the School of Hard Knocks. coming up on the next post. :D

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